Perspective by Jim Nelson

SEMCOG Demographic that shocks 2021 04 27 annotated



So, I was checking out SEMCOG's report on local broadband. This statistic leapt off the page.

Was I shocked?  Was I surprised?  Not exactly. 

All the Township politicians, boards, committees, and commissions are uniformly white.  The Township has only one black employee.  Period.  No black cops. No black firefighters. No black sewage plant workers.  No black office staff.  Northfield Township is white as the Jimmest of Crows.   

Still, I didn't realize how pervasive the issue was.

And it's not like we could miss the message telegraphed by the downtown marijuana business approval process.  Any applicant with a black face in sight was shot down. 

The whitest, least downtown-problems-solved, of all the applicants was waved in by then Supervisor Chockley.  The Township attorney muzzled her before she gushed out whatever it was about these applicants she loved so much.  Later, Planning Commissioner Cousino couldn't get a satisfactory answer out of Board Rep Chick when he asked why contributing a stub of a one way alley was deemed better than plans and financing to rebuild Barker Road's public face.

GS Ashley, a group willing to pay for redoing the town's biggest eyesore intersection, was denied. "Tabled" the Board called it. GS Ashley planned to turn the Barker Road intersection into a show place.

Who was waved in?  An all white group whose sole contribution to the downtown parking issue was a one way alley. 

That wasn't the only red flag in this process.  Sam Iaquinto was aced out of a chance to retire comfortably. The applicant who had offered to buy his aging marina was a successful black owned company.  What makes this the deepest of ironies is that Sam's location was the only location that short circuited the down town pot business parking shitstorm that's rushing toward WhiteMore Lake like an oncoming freight train.  It's coming because the downtown Whitmore Lake location will be the first pot shop south of the Livingston County line. 

Because of the Board's meddling with the Planning Commission's plans, only one pot shop was to be allowed downtown.  The US-23 off ramp traffic could have landed at Sam's old marina parking lot, done their pot buying business, and jumped back on the highway to home.  Instead, they'll be sucking up the woefully underprovisioned downtown parking.

I'll post a few pix of an off ramp proximate pot shop later.  Amazing amounts of traffic.

Don't blame the planners.  Their work gets ignored or twisted beyond recognition.  Even the best people in the twin Downtown planning groups have proven themselves willing to go along with whatever half assed schemes our local schemers believe will get them to a pot of gold.  


Long exposition aside, that's why the cheap housing Steve Gronow will be building just inside the Whitmore Lake School District boundaries and its Livonia Builders North Village affordable equivalent will be a good thing for this woefully redlined region. Our future depends on diversity and fresh perspective.

When you see her, thank Trustee Janet Chick.  She's been the main cheerleader for both developments.  This is 2021.  It's time for Northfield's racial hegemony to get a makeover, a kick to the curb of a post-conservative world.


 Green Guys Group white guys 2020 07 15 PC presentation 800w

 "Green" Guys Group: approved


GS Ashley presentation to PC Vince Canales begins at 19m21s 800w

 GS Ashley. The man on the lower left is the ex Maryland Police officer who was describing the retailer's security plans.

GS Ashley: Disapproved.



 5/26/2021   Opinion: Why conservatives really fear critical race theory, by Christine Emba, The Washington Post

It’s one thing to post a black square of solidarity to one’s feed, as over 14.6 million Instagram users did on #BlackoutTuesday last year. But it’s another to defer to Black voices, to change policies

that harm Black people, to truly adjust one’s way of existing in the world in response to a critique of American virtue, and of one’s own innocence.