Your loud voice is needed Tuesday, Nov. 11th, at the Board of Trustees/Planning Commission special joint session to discuss spending up to $20 million for a sewer expansion to help Biltmore Development, LLC pocket a boatload of profits while we’re stuck paying the bill.  The meeting is at 7pm at Township Hall, 8350 Main St., Whitmore Lake.  We need you there!

Biltmore’s proposal would transform 460 beautiful acres of farms, wetland and woods into a 1,475 home subdivision, increasing our population by 35% in one fell swoop: adding 14,750 cars trips/day along Whitmore Lake Road, according to MDOT!   This is an agricultural area zoned for, at most, 74 homes!

Come to this critical meeting and deliver a simple message.  NO to Biltmore.  NO to sewer expansion.  YES to the residents and our 2012 Master Plan.

Our original sewer system was built years ago to protect Whitmore & Horseshoe lakes from pollution.  That made sense.  Does this?

This is how Northfield will become Southfield, unless you do something to stop it.
We demand the Board/PC step on the brakes, finally begin listening to its residents, and stop this madness.

 If this goes forward, one of our biggest collection of farms and open space will disappear forever.  Some of our officials are pushing for growth-growth-growth without regard to consequences or public opinion.

 “Preserve undeveloped natural areas” is the #1 priority of 77 % of our residents,  according to the only professional, scientific poll ever conducted in our township.   

 You can download the sewer study for yourself at the township web site:  It begins on page 90.

Really hope to see you at the meeting!   Thank you!

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