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Welcome to Radio Garden, free from the internet’s sin, by James Vincent, 7/27/2017, The Verge

How browsing radio stations from around the world can lift the burden of being online

NPR:  Radio Garden Lets You Tune Into 8,000 Stations From Around The World, by Deepak Singh, 12/16/2016

This week I stumbled upon a new website on the Internet called Radio Garden.


To find out more about Radio Garden, I contacted Jonathan Puckey, who is based in Netherlands and is one of the people behind this project.


"The main idea is to help radio makers and listeners connect with distant cultures and re-connect with people from home and thousands of miles away," he told me. So far, some 8,000 stations have signed on.

Letter of Recommendation: Radio Garden, by Rosa Lyster, New York Times Magazine, 11/5/2019

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 11:25 a.m. local time, a radio station in Torshavn in the Faroe Islands played a song called “Rave in the Grave,” by the Swedish D.J. AronChupa and Little Sis Nora. “Rave in the Grave” defies description in many ways, but if I were pushed into a corner, I would say that it had an “electro burlesque” feel and reminded me that Tim Burton has a lot to answer for. If I were further pushed, I would say that I am sorry to have heard it, because it will be with me always now, but that I liked the idea of someone in the Faroe Islands — this sparsely populated Danish archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic where they have developed a specialized term for the problem of falling off a cliff, so often does it happen because of the sudden onset of fog — jerking back from the radio in bewildered disgust at the same moment that I did in my kitchen in Cape Town. 

Want to tune in to the world’s radio stations? Grow your listening with Radio.Garden, by Will Coldwell, The Guardian, 12/16/2016

The Map That Lets You Listen to the Radio Everywhere, by Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic, 12/12/2016

Radio Garden is a meditation on connectedness and what broadcast technology does to local culture.


The project, created for the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision by the interactive design firms Studio Puckey and Moniker, was built using an open-source WebGL globe that draws from thousands of radio stations—terrestrial and online-only streams—overlaid with Bing satellite imagery.

_Radio Garden, _docubase, MIT Docubase, 2016

Jonathan Puckey's Radio Garden Knows No Borders, Weekend Edition, NPR, 12/18/2016

Radio Garden Liv‪e‬, The App Store, Apple  (Listen to worldwide live radio, Radio Garden B.V.)



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