I've indexed this Board meeting in a different way, using Youtube Chapters.

You can watch the meeting in the old fashioned way, start to finish, in the window below.

Or you can click "Youtube" at the bottom of the video, and open up in Youtube itself.

You'll see the chapters on the timeline. And you'll see those same chapters in the description

below the Youtube window.

This is easier to try than to explain.  Click here and try it!

Or you can do it the hard way. Press the play icon in the video window below. When it fires up, at the bottom of the window, click where it says "Youtube."  You'll be transported to the YouTube viewer. The timeline will become segmented into the parts of the meeting I listed in the meeting description below the video window.  Scrubbing left and right on the timeline will show you the text identifying each chapter or segment. Scrubbing is a trade term for sliding the time marker forward and backward in the timeline.  The timeline is that horizontal bar at the bottom of the video window that shows you where you are in a video.


So, you can scrub around the timeline to get to the point of the meeting you want to watch.  - Or you can click the time markers in the description.

Like I said, this is easier to try than to explain.  Click here;  just do it!