MDOT maintains a library of maps detailing its real estate and right-of-ways here.  We have labeled the links to the maps of local interest, the land bordering US-23 as it passed through Northfield Township and north to I-96.

In MDOT's library, Washtenaw County has been divided into about 140 numbered maps.  Livingston County has been subdivided into about 90 maps.   This is the overview/index of Washtenaw County maps.   This is the overview/index of Livingston County maps.   Here is the document explaining the surveying and MDOT symbols.

The list of maps is below.  Click Read more to get to the list of maps.

Click any of the following links to download a map of the US-23 corridor in the area of the named East-West road.  The leading number is MDOT's County map reference.  The number in parentheses is the size of the downloaded file. 

#32 M-14 US-23 Interchange, Barton Hills (359KB)

#33 Joy Road, Warren Road (130KB)

#34 Northfield Church Road, St. Patrick's Church (339KB)

#35 Northfield Church Road (188KB)

#36 Territorial Road & Ramps (159KB)

#37 Kearney Road (640KB)

#37a Five Mile Road, Six Mile Road & Ramps (523KB)

#38 Horseshoe Lake, North (731KB)

#39 Barker Road (396KB)

Here we transition into Livingston County.  

#1 Eight Mile Road interchange, 2013  (422KB)

#1a Eight Mile Road interchange, 2006  (263KB)

#2 Nine Mile Road interchange, 2013 (502KB)

#2a Nine Mile Road interchange, 2006 (255KB)

#3 Silver Lake Road, Winans Lake Road, 2013 (238KB)

#4 Academy Hills, Horizon Hills Sub (348KB)

#5 South of Lee Road, 2013 (256KB)

#6 Lee Road, 2013 (483KB)

#7 Grand River Avenue (474KB)

#8 I-96 interchange, 2006 (284KB)

#9 Spencer Road, Buno Road (343KB)