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On tonight's hotplate, redeciding Proposition 18-1

Background: Whitmore Lake residents equalled Ann Arbor residents in approving this proposition.  Who was less likely to vote for it?  Rural residents.  Why, I've no idea.  It's more than a little ironic that the more conservative in this community are the very people labled "Ann Arbor Liberals" by the self styled "real" conservatives on this Board.  

What's "real" Conservativism look like in practice?  The Board's last meetup featured a vote to renew the Township Manager's contract.  The $120K/year township manager's contract renewal, from Beliger's motion, out of the blue and not on the Agenda, until the end of the 4:3 vote passage, occupied a grand total of 45 seconds of staunch Conservative Boardmember time.  45 seconds!  No discussion.  No performance review.  No nothing. 

This is the same Beliger who attacks the Washtenaw Country Road Commission for asking us to chip in to help repair our crumbling roads, who objects to contributing $2,000 to leverage $500,000 worth of land conservation, who votes against even the pittance asked by local watershed preservation efforts despite the community so obviously centering on a pair of lakes, who whines about paying the tiny fees for the SEMCOG membership - the same membership leveraged by former Township Manager Howard Fink to make the US-23 project happen.

Every Board meeting is a fresh cognitive dissonance meltdown.  Northfield Township is where Libertarianism came to die.  Salute the Snake flag, friends.  How tattered fly its remains over Libertarianism's grave and dead, selfish ideas.


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Official 2018 Election Results

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Totals   Yes       116167   67.73% 

             No          55349   32.27%


Registered Voters: 289,563 Ballots Cast: 175,112 Voter Turnout: 60.47%
Precincts Total: 150 Precincts Fully Counted: 150 Precincts Fully Counted Percent: 100.00% 
    Precincts Partially Counted: 0    


Totals   Yes       116167   67.73% 

             No          55349   32.27%


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