I searched the past two years of meeting minutes for [Tetra-Tech, sewer]  Any text is copy/pasted from the minutes.


2019-01-08 regular BOT meeting minutes final                                         Watch Livestreamed 1-8 Meeting Video

Agenda Item 7. Review and Discuss Documents from the December 11, 2018 Special Board Meeting Concerning Wastewater Treatment Contracts

Township Attorney Burns reviewed the history of the Wastewater Treatment Plant from the 1970s, including:

  • A 1972 lawsuit filed by Lakeland property owners resulted in the plant permit being modified to allow the plant to increase discharge to 250,000 gallons/day, and that was increased in 1979 to 700,000 gallons/day.
  • In 1991 by court order the capacity was increased to 1,300,000. Hamburg Township was allowed additional capacity if it opted to, but it did not.
  • In 2002 the capacity was increased to 2.25 million gallons/day.
  • In 2004 the Township agreed to sell 200,000 gallons/day for a specific geographic area of Green Oak Township, with them being obligated to pay for taps at the rate in effect at the time of purchase.

Willis said the last plant expansion was in 1998 to increase the capacity to 1.3 million gallons.


Chockley noted inquiries are coming in regarding possible small residential projects, but with the improvements to US-23 there may also be interest in larger developments. Burns said the issue of whether to build a retention basin is a policy decision, not a legal one. He said a sufficient revenue stream would be required to cover the capital costs of a basin; it is easier to sell bonds if there are more connection fees.


Willis said in his opinion a basin is needed only for wet weather conditions, and this is the least expensive way to increase capacity for growth. The cost and where the funding would come from was discussed. Willis said every municipal sewer system has to deal with storm water infiltration, and there is no realistic way to stop that infiltration.


The need to get public input and the legal requirement to send a postcard for any borrowing of $250,000 or more was discussed. It was agreed to set a public hearing for the March 26th Township Board meeting. 

2018-12-11 regular BOT meeting minutes final                                          Watch livestreamed 12-11 meeting video here    part 2

Aynes referred to his written report and added that the Wastewater Treatment Plant will continue to be a subject of concern and discussion going into 2019. He noted that the recent sewer fee increase was the first since 2014 and covers only operating expenses, not future improvements.

2018-10-09 regular BOT meeting minutes final                                         Watch livestreamed 10-9 meeting video here

Agenda Item 6. Adjust Metered Sewer Rates Effective November 1st Filling 

Liason Reports: Dockett said he did not make the statement in a memo from Chockley (that he said untreated sewage by-passed the sewer plant).

2018-09-25 regular BOT meeting minutes final                                         Watch livestreamed 9-25 meeting video here

Agenda Item 1.

North Village development: comments: "Are residents aware this development will come with an $8-$9 million sewer bill?"

"The Township would be incurring $8-$9 million in sewer expenses for 50 parking spaces and 6 acres of parkland, which is very sad."

2018-08-28 regular BOT meeting minutes final                                         Watch livestreamed 8-28 meeting video here

Agenda Item 4. Sewer Billing Quarterly Fee Increase Recommended to Support Base Level Operations

2018-08-14 regular BOT meeting minutes final                                         Watch livestreamed 8-14 meeting video here

Agenda Item 9. Sewer billing quarterly fee increase

2018-07-24 regular BOT meeting minutes final                                         Watch livestreamed 7-24 meeting video here

Agenda Item 1. Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Equalization Basin And Associated System Development Charges and Quarterly Fee Increase.   Quarterly sewer service fee increase.

2018-07-10-regular-BOT-meeting-minutes-final                                        Watch livestreamed 7-10 meeting video here

Agenda Item 8. System Development Charge (Connection Fee) and Quarterly Wastewater Treatment Fee Increase


Agenda Item 10: Bills 

2018-03-27-regular-BOT-meeting-minutes-final                                       Watch livestreamed 3-27 TetraTek Presentation video here

PRESENTATION 1. Sewer Service Rate Study Results

Brian Rubel, Vic Cooperwasser: Tetr-Tech

2017-12-12-regular-BOT-meeting-minutes-final                                       Watch livestreamed 12-12 meeting video here

Agenda Item 4. Asset Management Plan Contract , Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) grant

2017-10-10-regular-BOT-meeting-minutes-final                                       Watch livestreamed 10-10 meeting video here

Agenda Item 2. TetraTech “SmartRate Study” Proposal

2017-08-29 regular BOT meeting minutes final                                        Watch livestreamed 8-29 meeting video here

Township Manager Report. Aynes reported that he received notice today that the Township has been awarded a SAW (Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater) grant from the State of Michigan.

2017-08-15-regular-BOT-meeting-minutes-final                                       Watch livestreamed 8-15 meeting video here

Agenda Item 1. Tetra Tech “SmartRate” Study Proposal 

Sewer connection fee increase to $5973

2017-07-25-regular-BOT-meeting-minutes-final                                       Watch livestreamed 7-25 meeting video here

Agenda Item 1 Update of Wastewater Cost of Service “SmartRate” Study from Tetra Tech 

2017-03-28-regular-BOT-meeting-minutes-joint-PC-final                         Watch livestreamed 3-28 meeting video here

Agenda Item 2 Sewer System Interceptor Flow Monitoring Proposal 

$595,000 SAW Grant application status

2017-03-14-regular-BOT-meeting-minutes-final                                       Watch livestreamed 3-14 meeting video here

PRESENTATION 1. Sewer Service Policy 

2017-03-14-special-BOT-meeting-minutes-public-version-final               Watch livestreamed 3-14 special meeting video here

Present at this closed session, for an undisclosed reason:

  • Township Bond Counsel Steve Mann, Miller Canfield
  • Township Engineer Brian Rubel, Tetra Tech