by David Gordon.

The map below shows Northfield Township divided into 36 sections, each 1 square mile in total. The sections are labeled 1 thru 36, starting in the top right corner and moving to the left, then down and back.

Based on information from the Northfield Township Treasurer’s office (see below), the residents in the rural areas pay 60% of all taxes in the township, while the residents around the lakes pay 40%.

In the table below, you can find a breakdown by section. Look yours up and see how your one square mile compares with others.

Northfield Township Taxes by section


  Taxes - Rural & Lakes  
Section Total Tax Payments  
5 $1,718,839 Lakes
6 $1,177,463 Lakes
8 $1,411,577 Lakes
17 $869,848 Lakes
Lakes Total $5,177,727 40%
1 $237,743 Rural
2 $138,242 Rural
3 $107,100 Rural
4 $156,455 Rural
7 $303,830 Rural
9 $185,637 Rural
10 $209,683 Rural
11 $218,880 Rural
12 $335,955 Rural
13 $222,705 Rural
14 $142,645 Rural
15 $135,400 Rural
16 $338,023 Rural
18 $296,572 Rural
19 $244,420 Rural
20 $668,793 Rural
21 $516,311 Rural
22 $101,941 Rural
23 $240,572 Rural
24 $122,583 Rural
25 $258,980 Rural
26 $524,344 Rural
27 $153,005 Rural
28 $95,261 Rural
29 $90,471 Rural
30 $228,571 Rural
31 $135,246 Rural
32 $128,608 Rural
33 $96,369 Rural
34 $371,104 Rural
35 $285,347 Rural
36 $352,361 Rural
Rural Total $7,643,157 60%
Grand Total $12,820,884  


(Areas in yellow are the largest farmland tracts in Northfield Township – 70 acres or bigger. As you can see, the largest concentration is along Whitmore Lake Road/US23 in the SW corner of our community.)  All the data was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  We will post the raw FOIA paper trail soon.



We are Northfield, not Southfield! 

20 Reasons to Oppose the Biltmore "Vision"

Your taxes will go up!  Rural townships have lower taxes than built-out communities.

Traffic will be horrible.  Imagine Whitmore Lake Road at N. Territorial.  The state isn’t expanding the Terrritorial bridge, only repairing it.  And at Whitmore Lake Rd. & Barton Drive?!?

The subdivisions will provide no children for the Whitmore Lake schools.  All these parcels are in the Ann Arbor school district. 

The subdivision proposal is too dense.  The change is too drastic.

We like our township just like it is.  The folks around the lake like the lake.  The folks in the country like the country.  These developers don’t know or care about our township. 

The developer’s plan is inconsistent with our Master Plan adopted in 2012.

The Biltmore scheme will gut our Master Plan.  If approved, other sewers extensions will be impossible to stop.  Once sewers are in place, all the land affected is eligible for 1/4-acre zoning.  Do we want 1/4-acre zoning everywhere? 

The Master Plan is the document that guides the process, not the other way around.  This is the official document that outlines the vision, not some outside action to alter it.  Is this a process oriented issue?  Don’t’ go into process and forget the vision.  Is this responsible/ethical development? 

What is the point of having a Master Plan, a Planning Commission, a professional planner or zoning ordinances if you won’t defend them?  Is it only a charade to satisfy state law?

Don't be like the politicians in DC who ignore what the people want and bend over for the big money players, like Biltmore.  Represent us, not them!

This is not progress.  This is not planning.  This is shortsighted.

Turning farmland into subdivisions is a bad idea.   There is no population surge in Michigan.  There are plenty of areas in our township ready for development where the infrastructure can handle it. This area is not one of them.

Don’t hurt your neighbors in order to profit some outsiders - especially when thousands of your neighbors will suffer.  If you can't run the town without ruining the lives of the people you serve, you need to question how you’re doing your job.

This process isn’t being driven by the folks who live here.  The Master Plan process didn’t reveal a surge of residents pushing for subdivisions in the rural area.    It's out-of-town developers vs. the folks who live here – it’s us vs. them.

Show some respect for our community and the people who live here and helped create the Master Plan.  If developers want to make money here, they are welcome to share our vision, not impose theirs.

There is nothing inevitable about subdivisions replacing farmland.  People who say it’s inevitable aren’t realists, they’re quitters.

If you want to preserve farmland, then preserve it. You can’t preserve farmland if you’re paving it over.  You can’t have it both ways.

A super majority of residents overturned the Leland rezoning, and we still live here.

We are the oasis between Ann Arbor and Brighton. Our value isn’t measured in shopping centers, subdivisions and fast food restaurants. It's measured in quality-of-life.  Protect it. 

Just because Whitmore Lake Road runs through our community doesn't mean we need to turn into a strip mall like Southfield or Canton or Northville.


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